Please read in only 1 min 29 sec. about the unique advantages
of composting with SUPERCOMP in comparision to other
conventional composting bins

NEW: No-turn composting thanks to the patented sliding support

The conventional composting with a compost heap lying on the ground surrounded by walls in a composter, requires the work of forking and brings sometimes through lack of air odor problems and a slow process of composting with it.

These disadvantages can be avoided by composting with the SUPERCOMP composter. Thanks to the sliders, a simple but effective static element inside the composter, the heap is supported with the majority of its weight by them, and thus no longer rests entirely on the ground, but partly by 25cm above.

The turning of the pile is replaced by the force of gravity and therefore is no longer necessary, at the same time the interior of the pile is aerated in its totality and composting without bad odors is rendered possible. The mature compost can be removed easily without underneath the pile rests on itself or on the shovel or fork. Further, SUPERCOMP operates at maximal working: compost ready after only 6 weeks!


For more information about the SUPERCOMP advantages, click here.

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